Yesterday (Sunday, 23rd October), the official “Logan” Instagram account took advantage of the date to commemorate the Roman numerical convergence of 10/23 by releasing a new image of X-23.

The black and white photo of Dafne Keen is accompanied with the caption that simply reads “Laura”, short for Laura Kinney aka X-23. Seeing as how half her face is concealed by heavy shadows, this young mutant may not be as innocent as she appears.

logan x-23
Source: WponX’s Instagram

If you’re familiar with the “X-Men” universe, then you’d already know that X-23 is Wolverine’s teenage, female clone who spent her entire childhood within the confines of the Weapon X program. Her code name was derived from the fact that she was the 23rd attempt, and by far the most successful clone.


Similar to Wolverine, X-23 has “regenerative healing abilities and retractable adamantium claws, along with superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes and heightened senses”. However, unlike Wolverine’s feral rages, X-23 has been imprinted with a “trigger scent”. Upon smelling the trigger scent, she goes amok and kills everyone in sight.

Source: Fox

Trained to be a lethal weapon and sent on numerous assassination missions, Logan eventually finds her and begins teaching her that she’s more than just a mere killing tool.

“Logan” is slated to hit theatres on 3rd March 2017.

Sources: Screen Crush, Comic Book.

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