While the recent “X-Men: Apocalypse” is barely behind us, fans are already talking about the next highly anticipated “X-Men” spin-off, “Wolverine 3”.

Sources have now confirmed that 20th Century Fox will either name “Wolverine 3” as “Wolverine: Weapon X” or simply “Weapon X” for short. We also know that this will be Hugh Jackman’s final outing on the big screen as the clawed mutant. But who could possibly replace an iconic character such as Wolverine? Perhaps the mutant X-23?

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For the uninitiated, X-23 aka Laura Kinney is a female mutant clone who was created from Wolverine’s DNA and her title comes from the fact that she was the 23rd attempt, and by far the most successful clone. Similar to Wolverine, X-23 has “regenerative healing abilities and retractable adamantium claws, along with superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes and heightened senses”.


Several months ago, before production for “Wolverine 3” started in New Orleans, a casting call was sent out seeking “Caucasian, Hispanic and Asian women over the age of 21, who are between 4’0 – 4’11 in height, size 0 – 4, with dark brown hair for stand-in roles”. However, a new character description for a mysterious character dubbed as “Zoe” matches new photos from the set showing an unidentified young actress with Jackman.

The character description obtained from the Hashtag show is as follows:

12 to 15 year-old girl. Still a child, but a wounded badass, a pound puppy, raised in captivity in a time of battle, without support systems of normal childhood. She has no family and until now, has never left the compound in which she was born. She has an authentic intensity – her expressions & body language speak volumes, without words.

Once released in the outside world, everything is new – every experience and every image a first. This does not mean everything is wonderful or wondrous. Some things she sees (things we might regard as conventional) may scare her or anger her and things we may find interesting may bore her. She has not been instructed in many social conventions – she can eat like an animal. She studies and often mimics people’s behaviour. She has a high IQ, but is also a temperamental, impulsive and feral creature that can raise genuine mayhem.

She is a girl that has never been kissed. Looking for a REAL girl – not made up or done up. Also with genuine edge, not made up or put on. Martial arts or gymnastics experience preferred but not necessary – but actress must be extremely physical and able to improvise scenes without necessarily resorting to speech. Do NOT play it ‘cute’“.

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Source: Pacific Coast News via Daily Mail

Although sources close to the production have said that the R-rated “Wolverine 3” will be drawing inspiration from the Old Man Logan storyline, the James Mangold-directed film could also be including elements from other Wolverine comic book narratives.

From the image teaser released, Logan and this mysterious young girl seem to be in a bit of trouble. The image reveals a blood-red stain on the girl’s shirt, giving us the impression that she may have been shot, but we’re not 100% sure if that is indeed the case.

In other set photos, Logan and Professor X are looking a lot worse for wear and Charles Xavier appears to be in bad shape while in a wheelchair as they rushed out of a casino built set.

What do you think of the title “Weapon X” and the mutant X-23? Do weigh in below.

“Wolverine 3” is expected to hit theatres on 3rd March 2017.

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