It never fails to surprise drivers when something random is spotted along the road. 3 months ago, Chickaboo the Ostrich was seen sprinting down Federal Highway, followed by a riderless horse galloping on a highway in Kota Bharu the very same month.

Yesterday (28th September), traffic in the Ipoh city centre came to a standstill when 4 horses were seen prancing and galloping on the road.

4 horses ipoh
Source: Facebook

According to News Strait Times, the 4 horses reportedly brought traffic to a crawl when surprised motorists slowed down to snap pictures of the animals crossing the usually busy Jalan Raja Dihilir on the Wednesday afternoon.


I initially thought that there was an accident when the vehicles in front of me began slowing down at about 1.30pm. I was shocked when I suddenly saw four brown horses majestically galloping on the road in a drove,” Razif Rosli told the publication.

4 horses in ipoh
Source: Facebook

Several other witnesses told The Star that the horses were also seen crossing the road under a flyer near Hospital Pantai Puteri as well as around the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (Polo Ground) area. Shortly after, images and clips of the horses have been posted and shared on social media.

It is believed that these 4 horses, who are owned by a private owner in Tambun, had escape from their enclosure or pen earlier in the day. “I have no idea how the animals managed to escape and galloped all the way to as far as Greentown area,” a source was quoted as saying.


Not to worry though, the 4 horses have since been successfully rescued and brought back safely to their stables. Glad to that they’re safe 😉

We have a sneaky suspicion that this isn’t the last time we’ve seen animals roaming around on the road.

Sources: Malaysian Indian Viral News’ Facebook, The Star, NST.

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