Ah, our celebrity ostrich friend has found its match, it seems!

After Peekaboo/Chickaboo made headlines nationwide last week for sprinting down Federal Highway, a highway connecting the capital city of Kuala Lumpur and Klang, Selangor, another incident has caught drivers by surprise.

Kota Bharu Runaway Horse
Source: Adli Alimin’s Facebook video

This time, involves not an ostrich, but a riderless horse.


The 4-legged majestic creature left road users gobsmacked when it galloped unbridled down a highway in Kota Bharu yesterday (Sunday, 19th June) morning. According to Adli Alimin, who was on the way to work when he witness the unusual sighting, the horse was running on the street for about 45 minutes, from Pasir Pekan in Wakaf Baru to Kubang Kerian (about 10km).

Adli uploaded 2 videos of the runway animals and the videos have since garnered over 10,718 shares and a combined total of over 910,000 views.

It is not known how the horse got onto the highway or where it came from, but it is believed that the steed probably escaped from one of the many horse stables in Pasir Pekan.

Source: Adli Alimin.

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