Nevermind the odd stray cat, stray dog, “biawak” (monitor lizard), snake, or monkey, because today’s strange sighting takes the cake.

Jeff Sandhu, a producer for BFM Radio, was heading back home after visiting his aunt this afternoon when he chanced upon a sight that made such a lasting impression, he probably isn’t going forget it for the rest of his life. Just as he was exiting Jalan Gasing and turning into Federal Highway (near the University Malaya bus stop), an ostrich ran past his car.

Source: Jeff Sandhu
Source: Jeff Sandhu

An ostrich, you guys. For real.


The rare sighting was believed to have happened at around 4pm this afternoon (Thursday, 16th June).

“I was wondering why the traffic was slowing down just as I turned into Federal Highway, then I saw the ostrich running on the road, along the highway. It caused a jam because people were either slowing down or stopping behind it not knowing what to do,” Jeff said when we contacted him upon seeing his Instagram video.

“It was running really fast at first and it kept looking back like it was panicking. The ostrich kept switching lanes from the emergency lane, all the way to the fast lane, then to the second lane, then back on the emergency lane again. Maybe because it thinks that the cars and the bikes were trying to attack it although everyone kept a safe distance away from it. But later on, it started to slow down just as it was reaching the RTM building (Angkasapuri Broadcasting Centre),” he added.

We asked Jeff if he knew where it came from. “I have no idea. And there were no authorities around either,” he said. And to our knowledge (though we could be wrong), there are no zoos or animal farms in the vicinity either.

Of all things to see on Malaysian roads, eh? On the other hand, we do hope that the ostrich is alright and that the wildlife authorities are out there rescuing it.


UPDATE (16th June, 8:27pm):

The mystery has been solved because the runaway ostrich has been rescued and more importantly, it has a name!

Peekaboo/Chickaboo, the Federal Highway sprinter, apparently jumped out of a Toyota Hilux truck that was transporting it as it passed in front of University Malaya. It was later cornered and retrieved by its owner and brought back to a farm, Ostrich Wonderlands in Semenyih.

Glad to know that Peekaboo/Chickaboo is safe!

Sources: Jeff Sandhu, malaysiakini, The Star.

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