Not all endings are happy ones.

A few days ago, SPCA Kota Kinabalu uploaded a heartbreaking video of an old dog who was left for dead at a dumpster in Penampang. The critically ill dog was found covered in garbage and can be heard crying in pain. It appears that its previous owner had decided to be rid of the poor dog by dumping it at the garbage area.

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Source: Facebook

In the gut-wrenching post, the unfortunate dog’s story is being written via a first-person’s point of view from the dog’s perspective of how he was discovered with a “hole in my buttocks” and with worms already “eating me inside out”.


The story account is as follows:

They found me inside the dumpster you toss me in around 8 in the night. I was crying for u begging for u to come take me back. What have I done wrong. I feel pain all over my body. My joints ached, the hole in my buttocks hurt, I cannot see my behind. I try to get up but I can’t. I cry and cry until a man who was dumping his garbage heard me. He got the shock of his life finding me in the pile of rubbish. It was wet and smelly here. The worms are eating me inside out. Again I keep thinking, what have I done wrong.”

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Source: Facebook

As fate would have it, the vet doctor said that the poor dog’s condition was already too severe as he was covered in “lice, fleas and ticks” as well as “blood parasite”.

The writer added: “After lengthy tests, they finally decide to let me go. I understand. I am not angry. I am just sad you are not with me. They gave me a nice meal, my last supper. It reminds me of you when I was young. You used to love me and handfed me when I was a baby. People cry around me. They held my hand as I closed my eyes. And then I finally let go and my heart beat the last.”

Meanwhile, many netizens have come forth to express sadness and anger towards this act of animal cruelty which is punishable by law. Facebook user Tina Ledoux commented, “For Gods sake if you can’t handle or afford an elderly, sick dog there are other options! The poor dog would of been better off if they put it out of its misery themselves. Apparently they were too cowardly to do anything humane!

Watch the heartbreaking video here:


RIP, you poor doggy 🙁

Source: SPCA Kota Kinabalu’s Facebook.

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