It’s about time! The long awaited Animal Welfare Act 2015 will finally be enforced beginning next year.

According to Veterinary Services Department (DVS) director-general Datuk Dr Kamarudin Md Isa, the new law, once put into effect, will have severe punishments towards those who are caught committing animal cruelty acts.

Source: Emily Lora James

The Malaysian Animal Welfare Act, which was passed by Parliament last year, is supported by 9 board members, including Dr Kamarudin. The objective of the act is to raise public awareness and educate the public on what they need to know when lodging complaints against animal abusers.


The cruelty offences under Clause 29 includes beating, mutilating, poisoning, confining in area that restrict natural movements of the animals, abandoning or the act of the owner allowing such cruelty against the animal. Those found guilty can be slapped between a minimum fine of RM20,000 and a maximum penalty of RM100,000 fine, or faced 3 years behind bars, or both.

Source: The Star

However, this clause allows the termination of animals under the circumstances that “the animal is deemed incurable; necessary to end the animal suffering; done to prevent imminent danger to human’s life”, or for any other reasons deemed appropriate by a veterinary authority.

This is definitely a stepping stone for Malaysia as no animal should suffer cruelty because of human activity.

Source: NST.

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