The NCT 127 boys are back!

Their SM Station track, “Taste The Feeling”, which is a collaboration between SM Entertainment and soft drinks company Coca-Cola, was released yesterday (Thursday, 28th July) at 11pm along with a music video.

Source: SM Entertainment
Source: SM Entertainment

The music video showed members of NCT 127 recording the song along with footage of the boys hard at work. They were shown to be composing, writing lyrics, dancing, and undergoing vocal training, seemingly to prepare themselves for the recording of the track.


Halfway through the video, the boys, who were disappointed and tired, wanted to give up, but were cheered on by the other members who brought them Coca-Cola to re-energise themselves.

Watch the video here:

Originally an English song performed by Avicii and Conrad Sewell, “Taste The Feeling” is the theme song for Coca-Cola’s 2016 global campaign. The original song was released in March.

The Korean rendition of the campaign song is the 25th track of SM Station, SM Entertainment’s digital music platform. It is designed to released 1 track per week for 52 weeks. The project, which started on 3rd February, aims to showcase the musical capabilities of a different artiste every week, including artistes from within SM Entertainment and also other music labels.

For more info, visit NCT’s official website and Facebook page.

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