Hey Malaysian drivers, here’s an update for this month’s pump prices for fuel.

As of today (1st August), the price for diesel has gone up by 10 sen. However, Petron Petrol Station Operators Association president Datuk Alang Zari Ishak said that the prices for RON95 and RON97 will remain unchanged.

Source: Highway Mail

As such, the new price for diesel will be RM1.70 per litre, up from RM1.60 per litre, while Euro 5 diesel has also received a 10 sen increase, from RM1.70 per litre to RM1.80 per litre. RON95 and RON97 fuel prices stands at RM1.75 and RM2.10 per litre respectively.


Fuel prices for diesel, RON95, and RON97 all increased by 5 sen last month – the first time since April.

Source: MMO via Bernama.

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