Not used to seeing former SNSD Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung (제시카) get so much screen time in a music video? Well, here’s more!

Shortly after releasing the official music video for the first single off her new album, Jessica is now asking fans to love her the same via her latest single. Judging by how adorable the “Love Me The Same” music video is, it’d be hard to refuse!

Jessica Jung Love Me The Same


Shot entirely indoors, “Love Me The Same” features the 27-year-old idol nurturing a cactus in hopes of helping it grow. Jessica is seen twirling, cleaning, singing, and dancing around (what looks like the inside of) a house while going about with her day. She also shows a rare side of her that we almost never got to see while she was still with SNSD Girls’ Generation – the cute and bubbly version of Jessica Jung.

Watch the adorable music video below:

Love what you’ve heard so far? Get Jessica’s debut solo album, “With Love, J” off iTunes here.

Meanwhile, Jessica Jung also recently came clean about her long-rumoured boyfriend Tyler Kwon as well as her former SNSD Girls’ Generation members. Hit the links for the lowdown on her relationships.

For more information, visit Coridel Entertainment’s website.

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