In 2014, when Jessica Jung (제시카) was abruptly dropped from one of the world’s biggest (if not the biggest) K-Pop idol girl group, SNSD Girls’ Generation (소녀시대), SONEs and K-Pop fans alike reeled with shock.

What was even more surprising was that, according to a statement released by Jessica herself shortly after the news broke, the SNSD Girls’ Generation members had a part to play in her leaving the group. “..the members suddenly changed positions and held a meeting, telling me to either quit my business or leave Girls’ Generation without any justifiable reason,” she said at the time.

Jessica Jung SM Entertainment


Months after her departure from the group, neither the remaining members nor Jessica publicly spoke of the incident. Of course, that came as no surprise as SM Entertainment is known to restrict their idols from revealing the inner workings or politics of the talent agency and its artistes.

However, it didn’t stop fans from speculating about Jessica’s relationship with the girls that she had spent 7 years with prior to being removed.

Curiosity continued to grow when it was announced that Jessica will be making her solo debut in May, a plan that would clash with Tiffany Hwang’s (티파니) solo debut. Some fans deemed it to be the ultimate showdown as both Jessica and Tiffany were the only 2 SNSD Girls’ Generation members who were raised in US.

SNSD Tiffany Jessica

At long last, Jessica finally came clean about her relationships!

Earlier today, Jessica opened up for the first time and admitted to dating Tyler Kwon, her long rumoured boyfriend. “I actually didn’t admit nor deny the relationship. However, he’s already become my official boyfriend. It’s been over 3 years since we started dating. I’ve dated him the longest amongst the guys I have dated so far,” Jessica confessed, adding she couldn’t admit the relationship when she was still with SNSD Girls’ Generation because SM Entertainment told her not to.

And that’s not all. She also addressed the topic of SNSD Girls’ Generation.

The 27-year-old artiste talked about going head on with Tiffany with their respectively solo debuts. “I think me going head to head with Tiffany is going to be fun for those who are watching. I’ve listened to her song, watched her MV and her showcase. I feel like she’s shown a lot of what she has wanted to show. I hope she does well. I feel like we came out with completely different type of music so we’re not really rivals. I hope the best for Tiffany,” she was quoted as saying.


SNSD 9 Members

As for the more burning question i.e. whether she still kept in touch with SNSD Girls’ Generation, Jessica responded, “I keep in touch with some and not with others. We can’t promote together but I hope Girls’ Generation does well for a long time.”

Aww 🙂 We sincerely hope that both Tiffany as well as Jessica will continue to do well in their careers!

Sources: Koreaboo.

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