After being forced to depart from K-Pop idol girl group SNSD Girls’ Generation, Jessica Jung is set to dominate the fashion industry with her newly launched fashion line “BLANC & ECLARE”.

The new fashion line “BLANC & ECLARE” came as a shocking announcement as her former agency, SM Entertainment and the members have previously requested her to choose between quitting her fashion business or quitting the group.

Jessica Blanc and Eclare


As a result, it has been one-sidedly decided that Jessica will leave the group even though Jessica has explained in an official statement that her fashion line is just a side business and she had previously asked for support from SM’s CEO and the group members.

Formerly known as “BLANC”, the new fashion line is described as the next step in the maturation of the brand. The BLANC Group described that this new phase of their brand is part of their support to the founder and head designer Jessica’s “rebirth”. The name “ECARE” derives from the Latin root, Clara, that expresses clarity and brightness.

Following the successful launch of their premier collection, the expansion of her business and growth trajectory helped the brand to reach out more to the global audience through the fresh, modern classic designs of “BLANC & ECLARE”. After partnering with Lane Crawford, Puyi Optical, and Glasstique, the BLANC Group announced that new collections and partnership projects will be introduced in the upcoming weeks by unveiling Jessica’s vision for the new fashion line.

In a statement, Jessica said:

Although the unveiling of ECLARE was sooner than expected, I am proud to be taking BLANC & ECLARE to the next level. I am humbled by the overwhelming support this brand has received and I assure you that we will be diligent as we continually look to evolve and innovate.

As the brand has set their eyes on the global audience, BLANC Group will be moving the global headquarters from Hong Kong to New York. It seems like Jessica is putting all her efforts to grow her business despite all the mess between her and SM Entertainment.

What do you think of her business expansion? Will you support her after being kicked out from the group? Let us know in the comments box below!



Jessica’s rumoured boyfriend Tyler Kwon has cleared up the speculations about his involvement in Jessica’s fashion label, “BLANC & ECLARE”.

As the capital investor of the company, Tyler Kwon released an official statement on the brand’s official website. He clarified that the founder Jessica Jung only sought support from his company to provide investment capital to “BLANC & ECLARE”. The full statement below:

In response to speculation regarding the BLANC & ECLARE corporate structure, capital investor Tyler Kwon responds on behalf of the Company’s Board of Directors: BLANC & ECLARE is a privately owned company. Founder Jessica Jung took the helm as Head Designer and sought support from Coridel Capital Partners, the only other party providing investment capital to the Company, to support the Founder’s goals and ambitions. To date, the Company and its Board of Directors have not approached any other outside equity investors and there are no plans for the debt-free Company to do so in the near future. We have tremendous confidence and remain fully committed to the BLANC & ECLARE team that continues to be focused on and executing its global strategic vision.

From the statement, it seems like  Tyler is stating that they are not romantically involved as they are just business partners. What do you think?

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