A Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) training aircraft crashed earlier today (Tuesday, 17th May) at 12:54pm.

2 pilots from the aircraft managed to eject safely before the aircraft plowed into a paddy field in Nenasi, Pahang. In a statement, RMAF said that the aircraft, a Aermacchi MB339CM, took off from the Kuantan air base but faced technical difficulties mid-flight during the training exercise.

Source: Bernama
Source: Bernama

At press time, the specific problem has not been identified but an investigation board would be set up find the cause of the incident.


RMAF further explained:

Both the crew members are reported to be safe after they deployed the ejection seats.

However, New Straits Times reported that 1 of the pilots sustained a broken leg.

Source: New Straits Times
Source: New Straits Times

The Fire and Rescue Department of Pahang, which was alerted to the incident at 12:52am, dispatched a total of 11 personnel to the crash site, which was near Kampung Serum in Pekan.

The Aermacchi MB-339 is an Italian military trainer and light attack aircraft. The aircraft is used in many countries, including Nigeria, Peru, United States of America, and Malaysia. RMAF currently operates 10 MB-339AM and 8 MB-339CM, which were both specifically built for Malaysian use.

Sources: New Straits Times, The Star.

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