Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no contact to the outside world, chances are, you’ve probably come across the famous “Hold My Hand” pose on your Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platform.

Inspired by the #FollowMeTo husband and wife, Murad and Nataly Osmann, a Taiwanese man named Forrest Lu has recently decided to give this trend a fresh spin. Although his photos aren’t as spectacular as the Russian photographer’s creative take (his wife is always seen in drop dead gorgeous ensembles), they are nonetheless absolutely funny.

Source: Murad Osmann’s Instagram

The Osmanns’ travelling adventures always takes them to the most mesmerising sceneries as they travel around the world. With over 4.1 million followers on his Instagram, Osmann’s pictures with his lover leading him by the hand never fail to wow fans. The hand holding pose has become so popular that even your friends might have attempted to imitate the gesture.


However, we doubt anyone is going to be able to top Forrest’s epic parody of the romantic pose. Instead of touching our hearts with dreamy images, this Taiwanese chap is winning us over by leaving us in fits of laughter with his super funny snapshots.

forrest lu
Source: Forrest Lu’s Facebook

Like many others who enjoy documenting their travel trips online, the Taiwanese interior designer and his wife Agnes Chien were no exception. He posted several pictures online, showing him and the missus on holiday in Hawaii.

Instead of being all lovey-dovey, the Taiwanese couple’s depiction is what usually happens in reality. Let’s be real, travelling trips with your significant other can be stressful, especially when the both of y’all aren’t seeing eye to eye. It’s not exactly idealised, but we’re pretty sure a lot of you couples will be able to relate to them.

forrest lu 1
Source: Forrest Lu’s Facebook

In one shot, Agnes is seen dragging him by the hair during their time in Hawaii. Other funny pics show Mrs Lu digging her fingers in his nostrils while visiting the Pearl Harbour Memorial Museum, or pulling him by the ear during their stop at the Dole Pineapple Plantation. Ouch! Perhaps he wasn’t paying attention?

Are you feeling inspired to try out these parody poses? Instead of the hashtag #FollowMeTo, here’s a suggestion: #DragMeTo 😀

Source: World of Buzz / Featured Image: Channel 8 News.

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