B2uties, we don’t know whether you should celebrate or feel sad. We’re feeling as conflicted as you are. Why, you ask? Well, B2ST has just confirmed their first activity as a 5-member group.

B2ST’s new Japanese double singles, titled “DAY” and “NIGHT” will be released on 20th July. This release will be bittersweet as it marks their first time without former member Hyunseung.

Their latest singles will be released by B2ST’s independent Japanese label, BEAST MUSIC. The label was formed in March 2015 and is handled by B2ST themselves, who wanted to take on more Japanese promotions. Since then, the 7-year-old idol group has since released a new single for nearly every month.

Source: soompi
Source: soompi

Hyunseung left the group on 19th April, after being under fire for his worsening attitude problem. Several photos, clips, and videos were posted, showing the ex-member being uninterested in group activities, including him standing stationary during a performance and playing with his phone and falling asleep during a group interview. He also missed out on a fan meeting in September 2015, without any prior notice.

However, Cube Entertainment stated that Hyunseung officially left the group due to “differences in personality”.

Enough of depressing news, here’s the live version of their previous Japanese single “Guess Who” to keep you hyped up for their upcoming release 😉


B2ST will start their “BEAST GUESS WHO? Tour” on 3rd June in Japan. They will travel to cities such as Ichihara, Niigata, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Hanyu, Tokyo, Sapporo, Osaka, and Hiroshima for the whole month.

Stay tuned to BEAST MUSIC’s official YouTube channel and B2ST’s official Facebook page for more info!

Source: soompi.

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