Ever seen an idol misbehave in broad daylight? You’re about to.

CUBE Entertainment’s K-Pop idol boy group BEAST (otherwise known as B2ST) has found themselves in the centre of attention in the past week because of one of their members, Hyunseung (장현승). Fans are apparently beginning to lose their patience with the 26-year-old idol due his worsening attitude problem, with many coming forward to demand an explanation.


As a result of his continued carelessness, some B2ST fans have started turning against Hyunseung. On 20th February, a fan finally posted a letter online titled, “Hyunseung has eventually made his fans furious”.

The letter reads, “First of all, I am a fan of B2ST. I do not represent B2ST fans as a whole, but I am writing this as a long loving fan of B2ST who cannot understand Hyunseung’s continued careless actions.”

Hyunseung is the vocalist and dancer for B2ST. He’s also one half of the duo Trouble Maker with CUBE Entertainment labelmate HyunA (of 4Minute). The letter went on to say that his poor attitude towards the band actually started 4 years ago but it really spiralled in 2015 when he was seen ignoring lyrics, dancing without passion, and singing in the wrong tone during performances.

The fan also provided photos and videos of moments where Hyunseung seemed clearly uninterested in the group’s activities.

BEAST Hyunseung
Source: soompi

“In September of 2015, he was found partying out until late night while he failed to attend a fan meeting that was prepared for fans overseas, but no explanations were given even until now, which is 6 months after the happening. In addition, he continued to show carelessness on many TV shows, interviews, and also on stage. He was also found sleeping during an interview before,” the letter added.

Hyunseung didn’t attend a fan meeting in September 2015. Fans purchased tickets for the 2-hour long fan meeting worth $730 to meet all 6 B2ST members but alas, Hyunseung didn’t turn up.

CUBE Entertainment apologised for not letting fans know beforehand about Hyunseung missing the meeting for “personal reasons”. However, footage of Hyunseung with a woman at a cafe in Seoul’s Cheongdamdong area allegedly at the time of the fan meeting was released online, upsetting fans.

Source: koreatimes.co.kr
Source: koreatimes.co.kr

And that’s not all.


It seems that the idol has also failed to communicate with his fans via SNS, particularly Instagram. Apparently, fans have been leaving comments on his social media platform, hoping to receive feedback from him. Hyunseung has maintained keeping mum about his careless actions although he can be seen commenting and liking other Instagram posts.

This has greatly disappointed fans even further, culminating in this big blow up that has since been covered by multiple Korean entertainment websites as well as Korean news outlets.

Yesterday (23rd February, Wednesday), Hyunseung finally responded to the controversy when he posted up a message onto the fan cafe. In his statement, he said, “Hello, this is Hyunseung. I apologise for causing concern for a lot of the fans through bad news recently. If the part that became a controversy was my inexcusable carelessness, I am sincerely feeling regret and am self-reflecting. I gathered courage like this to relay my sincerity for the fans who love B2ST. Once again, I am extremely sorry for causing concern.”

On top of that, CUBE Entertainment also stepped up to say, “Hello, this is CUBE Entertainment. We relay the official statement of the agency regarding the controversy surrounding our artist, B2ST’s Hyunseung. Hyunseung is acknowledging everything the overall problem that has been posted on-line recently as well as the whole controversy including his behavior. Currently, he is taking time to self-reflect. We also feel strongly that the problem includes the carelessness of the agency, of course, and from hereon, we plan to do our best so that something like this won’t happen again. Once again, we bow our heads in apology for making a lot of people concerned. Thank you.”

What do you guys think? Did Hyunseung need to apologise for his actions or was this something that has been completely blown out of proportion?

Sources: Korea TimesAsian Junkie, akp, soompi.

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