Electric Run is returning to Malaysia for the 2nd year running and if you didn’t know that, then you must’ve been living under a giant rock. And that’s okay because that’s where we come in to yank you out of you comfort zone and into what is slated to be one of the best fun themed runs in Malaysia this year!

Last year’s event featured some really impressive course lands (Candy Lane, Rainforest, Water Station, Neffmau5 Land, Under The Sea, Rainbow Road, The Powerhouse) but we hear that this year’s will easily top that because there will be new zones, which means new experiences!

Source: Electric Run Malaysia's Facebook page
Source: Electric Run Malaysia’s Facebook page

On top of the 7 dazzling course lands from its debut, Electric Run Malaysia 2016 will feature 2 new, never before seen course lands which will highlight Malaysia in all its neon glory. Whether you’re going with your loved one(s) or alone, make it an event to remember. Make it one of your favourite 2016 memories. Own it.


If you’ve already signed up, here are some fun ways to prep for Electric Run Malaysia 2016. Thank us later 🙂

1. Get on a running plan

Source: sharp.com
Source: sharp.com

Feeling competitive? Kick off your mini Electric Run Malaysia 2016 training with a simple running plan to best prepare you for the 5km ahead. Because this isn’t a full marathon, you can go easy on yourself. If you’re a beginner runner, start with a 5-minute jog on your first week and gradually increase it (5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15) as you go along every few days. You’d be more than ready when the time comes 🙂

2. Figure out what to wear

Source: dailyburn.com
Source: dailyburn.com

Planning an #ootd, or rather, #ootn for a themed run is always exciting! For Electric Run Malaysia 2016, you will be provided with a race kit which consists of a runner’s tee, glow-in-the-dark temporary tattoo, LED glasses, and glow sticks. But why not jazz it up further with a little something something of your own? For girls, how about a cinching a tutu around your waist or donning on galaxy leggings? And for guys, can we interest you with some light up shoes that you can brag about?

3. Put on your “war face”

Electric Run Amsterdam
Source: Electric Run’s Facebook page

Let Electric Run Malaysia 2016 be the only reason why you’ll ever need to paint your face. Heck, paint it big time! It’s such a great excuse to go to with a few pots of glow-in-the-dark face paint and makeup sticks/markers. You don’t even have to be a makeup or beauty guru for it to look good. Just go with the flow with streaks, dots, words, splats, symbols, or any random design that you want. You’re definitely going to stand out anyway 🙂

4. Accessories never hurt nobody

Electric Run Glow Sticks
Source: bizbash.com

The key to completing an outfit or a look is to accessorise. And it is perhaps the easiest way to make a statement! So go out and get some colourful knee-high socks, fluorescent wigs or colourful hairspray, neon-coloured shoelaces for your running shoes, face masks, striking headbands, rainbow-coloured chokers, and glow stick bangles. In fact, pile on as many glow stick bangles as possible then wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care. We won’t judge. Promise 🙂

5. Wield a fully charged phone

Source: pinterest.com
Source: pinterest.com

Don’t just dress up for Electric Run Malaysia 2016 but have nothing to show for in the end. Be sure to be carrying a fully charged phone so that you can take selfies, wefies, and shots of the beautiful course lands. Besides, “Pics or it didn’t happen!” so go crazy 😀 Psst. A word of warning though: you might want to leave the selfie stick at home though because those things can be quite a hazard especially during a run.

Electric Run Malaysia 2016 sponsors include Selangor Turf Club (Official Venue), Hitz.FM (Official Radio Station), Malay Mail (Official Newspaper), Hype.My (Official Online Media Partner), HotelQuickly (Official Hotel Booking App), GoGet (Official Convenience Provider), Grab (Official Transport Provider).

For more information, hit up their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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