We gotta say that sometimes, workouts are more fun when done in groups or in a themed environment. It’s like a breath of fresh air as compared to say running on a treadmill for a full 40 minutes confined within 4 walls. So when opportunity arises where we can have the best of both worlds (a group workout in a themed environment), we jump on it!

Putting this list of fun, themed runs in Malaysia together was really exciting because these are events that we’re personally looking forward to. Don’t worry, they’re mostly 5km-long fun runs so don’t have to be a full-on marathon runner to take part in them 🙂

Hello Kitty Run – Fruity Rush (6th March)

Fans taking photos with Hello Kitty Run Singapore 2014
Source: Hello Kitty Run Singapore

Hello Kitty – one of the world’s most beloved pop icons will be hitting the roads of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia’s first ever Hello Kitty Run. The inaugural themed family fun run is aimed at participants of all ages and is set to be held at the Perdana Botanical Gardens. The run themed “Fruity Rush” promises to be a fun-filled extravaganza with activities for the whole family including carnival games zones, photobooths, and a fruity craft corner all. In line with the theme, the run is designed with 4 different checkpoints bearing its own dĂ©cor and costumed cheerleaders. Each of the checkpoint features a mist tent emitting fruity Mango, Durian, Strawberry, and Lemon scents to complement the tropical mood.

To register and for more information, go here.

SongKRun (3rd April)

Source: songkrun.com
Source: songkrun.com

For the first time, a Songkran celebration is coming to Malaysia but with a twist as it’ll be in the form of an un-timed, non-competitive 5km fun run. What is Songkran? It’s a festival celebrating the traditional Thai New Year, held in April and marked by the throwing and sprinkling of water. The run, aptly named SongkRUN, is split into 5 Water+Music Zones, and each will have its own unique experience. SongkRUN tickets are available in 2 types, the Standard pack comes with T-shirt, medal, waterproof pouch, and wristband, whereas the Shooter pack comes with an additional water gun with water filler stations along the track and later in the party area.

All the information you need via their website or Facebook page.

Electric Run (7th May)

Electric Run Malaysia
Source: Livescape Asia

Who can forget the night Selangor Turf Club was illuminated for the world’s most popular fun run for the first time ever last year? The Electric Run featured brightly lighted lands throughout the course as runners made their way through the 5km course, culminating at a live music stage at the finish line. As participants ran, walked, or danced through the route to the finish line, they encountered different lands along the 5km course, each decorated brighter and with more gusto than the last. Runners began the race with the Stickman flagging them off to pumping music and colourful lights, stimulating their senses as they encountered various unique activations and decorations throughout the course.

Don’t miss this year’s run! Here are 7 reasons why you need to be there 🙂


The Music Run (TBC)

The Music Run by AIA (02)
Source: The Music Run

Perhaps one of the most celebrated themed runs in Malaysia, 2015’s edition of The Music Run set a milestone record in the Malaysian Book of Records for “Most Number of Participants in a Fun Run”. Set over 5km, The Music Run by AIA saw participants pass through 5 zones, each featuring a different music genre namely rock, pop, old school, hip hop, and dance. Concert-quality speakers lined the entire track, creating a truly immersive music experience. Runners helped decide on the music they wanted to listen to in each zone via a bespoke music selection created in collaboration with digital music partner, Spotify. The more a song was listened to, voted for and shared on Facebook, the more likely it was to end up as one of the songs played during the run!

Interested? Read all about what went down at The Music Run last year here.

(And here are some runs that we hope will make a comeback)

Justice League Run (TBC)

Justice League Run Malaysia
Source: facebook.com/justiceleaguerunpenang

DC Comics fans, especially, would love this one! The first ever Justice League Run in Malaysia took place in August last year on our little island up north aka Penang. Unlike the other themed runs in the country, race participants were able to choose 2 distance options – 3k or 8km. And unlike the other themed runs in the country, race participants were given the option to dress up as one of their favourite DC Comics hero for a fun-loaded event. What better way to test your strength as The Flash, eh?

We’re still waiting for more updates on this year’s installment of the Justice League Run. Keep checking back with them via their Facebook page for deets!

The Color Run (TBC)

The Color Run Malaysia 2014
Source: facebook.com/TheColorRunMalaysia

If there’s one themed run that we’re missing, it has to be The Color Run aka the “Happiest 5K on the planet”. Founded in January 2012, The Color Run is a 5km, un-timed race in which thousands of participants, or “Color Runners”, are doused from head to toe in different colours at each kilometre. So you finish plastered in colour! Due to unforeseen circumstances, last year’s instalment of the run had to be scrapped. But we do hope that it’ll make a comeback this year.

Keep checking back with us or their Facebook page for more updates.

We’ll add on to the above list as more themed runs are announced in time to come. Meanwhile, leave us a comment if you feel like we’ve left anything out 🙂

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