Early this morning (Sunday, 31st January), former EXO member Luhan (鹿晗) was spotted entering South Korea at the Incheon International Airport. He is believed to be in the country for personal reasons.

Luhan was seen without his manager and he had apparently travelled in secret as his face was covered with a black cap and a white mask. He even went as far as addressing himself as a “Mr. Shi” to the travel agency people who were picking him up at the airport.

Luhan Incheon 2016


Despite his “disguise”, he was still recognised by fans who seemed to have been waiting for him. Many quickly whipped out their phones to snap pictures of Luhan and pass him presents.

This would mark Luhan’s first return to South Korea in a little over a year following his decision to leave EXO and file a lawsuit against talent agency SM Entertainment. The legal drama between Luhan and SM Entertainment is currently ongoing, with the idol filing an additional lawsuit for embezzlement against SM Entertainment in August last year.

Luhan Incheon January 2016

Luhan has since gone on to pursue his solo career in China, starring in multiple films and releasing an album. He will be seen next as the male lead of “I Am A Witness“, a Chinese remake of a 2011 Korean thriller and a crime-based award-winning flick titled, “Blind“.

Sources: Soompiakp.

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