Oh dear. Chinese media portal Sina is reporting that EXO-M’s Luhan is filing lawsuit against SM Entertainment!

According to Koreaboo, in their report, they claimed they have received exclusive information that EXO member Luhan has filed a lawsuit today at 9AM KST against his agency, SM Entertainment, for an invalid contract. The report ends there, with Sina summarising information about EXO-M and Luhan.

EXO Luhan Overworked


In the past month, Luhan has taken breaks from both EXO’s “The Lost Planet” concert tour as well as the SMTOWN concert in Tokyo.

Meanwhile, OSEN reported that Luhan will be represented by law firm, Hankyul. According to Seoul Central District Court, Luhan filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment on October 10th. The law firm “Hankyul”, has decided to take on Luhan’s case against SM Entertainment. The paperwork filed is the exact same filed by Kris, back in May, when the same law firm represented him.

We must say, though, that this brings back unpleasant memories of the way Kris leaving the group was reported earlier this year.

SM Entertainment Idols Drama

And what a crazy year it has been for SM Entertainment, having gone through so many cases starting with Kris’ lawsuit against the agency, f(x) Sulli’s indefinite hiatus following news of her relationship with Dynamic Duo’s Choiza, and who can forget Jessica’s abrupt boot from SNSD Girls’ Generation.

SM Entertainment hasn’t released an official statement regarding the lawsuit Luhan filed. More to come as this story develops.


SM Entertainment has released an official statement regarding the above issue.


The statement reads:

The agency learned of Luhan’s lawsuit through a lawyer.

We are shocked because the lawsuit was suddenly filed while we were in the process of negotiating his future schedules and activities after he expressed his wishes to focus more on his individual activities in China more so than EXO group activities as well as matters concerning his health.

As it was with Kris’s case, when a lawsuit is filed for no actual reason by using the same pattern and lawyers after a gaining a lot of popularity as a star through group activities, we see this as a suit that was filed because one prioritizing one’s self and ignoring the understanding of the contract with the agency as well as everyone involved in the contracts and the activities with the group. We believe there is someone behind the scenes who is pulling the strings.

Regarding these kinds of situation, the agency plans to actively respond to it with our partners overseas including those in China as well as legal experts.

EXO’s future activities will also proceed on as scheduled.

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