The deer has returned!

Following his depature from SM Entertainment’s K-Pop idol boy group, EXO, and the lawsuit drama that ensued, Luhan has been keeping busy with furthering his career in China. This includes several movies (“Miss Granny“, “The Great Wall“) as well as other projects such as the 2022 Winter Olympics theme song with Chinese singer-songwriter David Tao (陶喆).

Luhan Reloaded Solo Debut


It wasn’t long before Luhan would lug himself back into the recording studio again to work on a solo album!

Titled “Reloaded” (重启), the mini album was released on 14th September, marking Luhan’s first comeback as a solo artiste after withdrawing from EXO. Luhan was said to have worked with American producer Djemba Djemba in Beijing during the production process.

Luhan Reloaded

The full track list for “Reloaded” is as follows:

  1. 《有点儿意思》(That Good Good)
  2. 《冒险时间》(Adventure Time)
  3. 《有点儿意思》(That Good Good Penthouse Penthouse Remix)
  4. 《有点儿意思》(That Good Good Squareloud Remix)
  5. 《有点儿意思》(That Good Good Instrumental Version)

Luhan has also released a music video for “That Good Good”, which comes packed with his sexy dance moves (read: hip thrusting). The song is pretty catchy too as it leans towards the more pop-ish side of the musical spectrum.

And of course, no Luhan music video would be complete without lots of Luhan screen time and his undeniably boyish charm. It sure does look like he just simply picked up where he left off 😉

Watch the official music video below:


Yay or nay? Did you like it or not so much? Let us know what you think in the comments box below!

Meanwhile, Luhan will be seen next as the male lead of “I Am A Witness“, a Chinese remake of a 2011 Korean thriller and a crime-based award-winning flick titled, “Blind“.

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