Apparently, Z.TAO (otherwise known as Tao) isn’t the only ex-EXO member to have solo projects comin’ up!

Following the news of Tao’s debut as a solo artiste, it has now been revealed that Luhan, too, is working on something that he can call his own. On 22nd July, Luhan confirmed that he is indeed gearing up to release his own solo album, with an update on his personal Weibo account.

Luhan Solo Album


Along with a picture of himself taken during what appears to be a recording session in the studio (as seen above), he shared:

Started recording for a new album. I’m a little nervous, a little uneasy, and a little tired, but more than that, I’m excited. I’ll see you on stage!

It’s not entirely surprising for Luhan to be pursuing a solo project considering the fact that he recently teamed up with popular Chinese singer-songwriter David Tao for China’s theme song, “Come Ski at the Great Wall”, in conjunction with its 2022 Winter Olympics application.

David Tao And Luhan 3

In fact, when asked about working with Luhan, David Tao said:

I have paid a lot of attention to Little Lu. Besides his great looks and talents, his rhythm and sound are fantastic. Even though he has natural talents, he also worked hard and put in a lot of effort.


On top of that, let’s not forget that Luhan has also starred in quite a number of movies since his departure from EXO:


And with more to come, we’re sure 🙂

So, are you looking forward to Luhan’s return as a recording artiste?

Source: Soompi / Featured image from Luhan’s Weibo.

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