A photo of a Taylor’s University bus being used to ferry red shirt protestors to today’s “Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat” or “Himpunan Maruah Melayu” aka #Himpun16 rally in Kuala Lumpur has been circulating on the interwebs.

Needless to say, it drew flak from netizens as it implied that Taylor’s University students were involved in the rally. It also insinuated Taylor’s University’s association with/stand on #Himpun16.

Taylor's University Red Shirt Rally
Source: Facebook

As soon as the picture went viral, Taylor’s University released an official statement to clarify that the use of the bus was not authorised for such a purpose as it was contracted to a third party, Wawasan Sutera.


Taylor’s added that immediate action has been made to withdraw the use of the bus with its logo.

The an official statement via their Facebook page read:

Source: facebook.com/TaylorsUniversityMY
Source: facebook.com/TaylorsUniversityMY

Bus service provider company Wawasan Sutera has also released a statement following Taylor’s University’s in clarification of the above issue.

The official statement via their Facebook page read:

Source: facebook.com/WawasanSuteraTravelTours
Source: facebook.com/WawasanSuteraTravelTours

#Himpun16 is organised by Malay NGOs led by Sg Besar Umno chief Datuk Jamal Yunos to counter the Bersih 4 rally on 19th August.

The meeting points will be the Federal Territory Mosque, the National Mosque, Putra World Trade Centre, and Wisma Kraftangan, before the groups converge at Padang Merbok.

UPDATE (18th September, 1pm):

In light of the above situation, Taylor’s University has decided to terminate the services of Wawasan Sutera. The university’s management released an official statement via their Facebook page yesterday (Thursday, 17th September) to reiterate that they had nothing to do with the recent rally, adding that the contract termination has taken effect as at time of posting.


Read the full statement below:

Taylor's University Wawasan Sutera Bus
Source: facebook.com/TaylorsUniversityMY

Sources: Taylor’s University’s Facebook page, Wawasan Sutera’s Facebook page.

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