Uh, oh. Singer-turned-actor Luhan is in yet another dispute with SM Entertainment as the talent agency decided to file another lawsuit against the former EXO member.

Earlier in October last year, the former EXO-M Chinese member attempted to nullify his contract with SM Entertainment by filing a lawsuit against the talent agency. His departure from the group is a follow-up to Kris‘ departure from the group in May 2014.

EXO Luhan


Even though both Kris and Luhan are still embroiled in the contract termination lawsuit, the two wasted no time to cease their activities as EXO-M members and pursue their acting careers in China instead. Kris will be seen next in the upcoming Valentine’s Day release, “Somewhere Only We Know” while Luhan is busy promoting the Chinese remake of “Miss Granny“. However, a week before the release of Kris’ upcoming movie, SM Entertainment decided to file a lawsuit against both Kris and Luhan for their illegal promotions in China.

On 10th Feb, the talent agency filed another lawsuit against Luhan but this time around, the agency also filed a lawsuit against CJ E&M and Beijing Century Media for casting Luhan for the movie.

Luhan Back To 20 Press Conference

In the official media statement, the agency said:

Following the lawsuit that was filed in a court in Shanghai, China, on February 4, we have officially filed a lawsuit on February 10, 2015 against Luhan and the movie production companies involved in casting Luhan for a film in a court in Hong Kong.

As we have revealed in our previous statement, the reason for the lawsuit is to protect the rights and profits of SM, EXO and other victims of illegal activities and contract violation. The contracts between SM, Kris (Wu Yi Fan), and Luhan continue to be valid until there is a final decision in the courts, and until then, all business activities, advertisement model activities, as well as movie filming and appearances are in violation of the contract. This is also in violation of SM and EXO’s rights and profits, and it violates the law and ethics.

Luhan has continued to engage in illegal activites even though SM has has exclusive rights and authority over all activities in Korea, China, Hong Kong, and everywhere else in the world as his agency and management company. Since the Hong Kong film makers also cast Luhan without previous agreement with SM, they must both take legal responsibility. As such, SM Entertainment decided to officially file a lawsuit against Luhan and the movie production company who cast Luhan in the Hong Kong court through the law firm KING&WOOD MALLESONS.

SM is emphasizing once again that that from now on, SM will take legal action against companies that continue to engage in illegal activities and against those that blindly follow illegal activities in China, Hong Kong as well as in other countries.


It definitely seems like things just got more complicated but Luhan’s representatives have yet to respond to SM Entertainment’s lawsuit.

What’s your take on this lawsuit? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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