Following the news of EXO’s Luhan filing a lawsuit against SM, his group mate Lay came online and updated his Weibo account with a new post. He is one of the first members to respond to the news of Luhan’s decision to leave the group.

On October 10th, Lay posted the following to support Luhan’s decision:

EXO M Lay Weibo Post



Goodbye, bro. If we get the chance, let’s stand on the stage together again. As your bro, I support your every decision. Good luck.

While it’s difficult to say goodbye, Lay seems to understands that Luhan will be leaving due to his growing health concerns.

In fact, other members seem to be aware of what has happened to Luhan as Lay mentioned in a fan chat session that Luhan was doing well and resting.

EXO M Lay and Luhan

According to Koreaboo, Sina the Chinese media outlet also reported that Luhan has expressed concern about the group and revealed:

It is a working environment where it feels like [we are] robots in a factory.

In the past few months, Luhan has taken breaks from both EXO’s “The Lost Planet” concert tour as well as the SMTOWN concert in Tokyo. Although he felt apologetic towards his fans, Luhan decided to file a lawsuit against SM Entertainment for its invalid contract. Similar to former member Kris’ situation, it seems like both members have troubles with SM’s problematic contract. Jessica from Girls’ Generation had a problem with the company too after being kicked out from Girls’ Generation without her knowing.

EXO Luhan Overworked


So, do you think Luhan made the right decision to leave the group? Will you support Luhan’s decision, like what Lay did?


EXO’s Lay has updated yet another post on his Instagram:

This time around, the member of EXO updated his post a Korean caption.

The translation is as follows:

Everyone, you must be having a hard time. Please be healthy, make sure to eat, and gain strength! I feel that more than anyone else, our fans are going through the most. Be strong!

Most fans seem to be grateful that Lay is considerate enough to give them strength but on Weibo, some fans were concerned about Luhan’s whereabouts. But before speculation ran wild again, Luhan himself posted a new status on his Weibo account:


On the Weibo post, he wrote “I’m home”, indicating that he has already returned to his hometown in Beijing, China.

On top of that, he posted a new photo that reads: “I just wanna [let] all of you to know that I love you all.” on his Instagram:

Despite Luhan’s departure, we hope you guys will continue to give them a much needed support!

Stay strong, EXO and EXO-L!

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