Oh dang, but they haven’t been dating for that long!

In April this year, SNSD Girls’ Generation member Yuri was reported to be dating Hanshin Tigers’ pitcher Oh Seung Hwan. They couple had met at a gathering with acquaintances at the end of 2014.

This was later confirmed by SM Entertainment.



According to news outlet Ilyo News, Yuri would always extend her stay in Japan to spend time with Seung Hwan, who was pursuing his career in the professional baseball league. The baseball player is well known to focus on his games during the season thus, Yuri stayed in Japan to provide support to him rather than go on dates.

However, during off-season periods, the couple would meet each other frequently in Korea, albeit in the company of friends and acquaintances to minimise the chances of being spotted by the reporters. TV Report stated that the couple was seen together at a restaurant in Incheon, an amusement park in Seoul, and a movie theatre in Gangnam.


But maybe the long distance relationship has taken a toll on the couple as it has just been reported that both Yuri and Seung Hwan have decided to go their separate ways.

According to akp, they couple broke up after 6 months because their relationship became estranged because they were a long-distance couple. Due to this strain, the couple are said to have ended their relationship not too long ago.

We can imagine how difficult it is for Yuri though as SNSD Girls’ Generation has had a seriously busy past few months promoting their long-awaited comeback. She’s not the first to have gone through a break up in the recent months – SNSD Girls’ Generation leader Taeyeon is also recently single, and fellow member YoonA had not too long ago broken up with Lee Seung Gi.



SM Entertainment and Oh Seung Hwan have yet to comment on the above news.

Source: akp.

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