Sorry boys, but it looks like another Girls’ Generation member is officially off the market!

After YoonA, Sooyoung, Tiffany, and Taeyeon‘s dating scandals came to light, it was reported that Yuri is currently in a relationship too.

Source: SNSD Facebook

Yuri was first reported to be dating Hanshin Tigers’ pitcher Oh Seung Hwan by Ilyo News. The dating rumour was then confirmed by SM Entertainment.


Through the official statement released by the company, the reps said:

Yuri and Oh Seung Hwan met at a gathering with acquaintances at the end of 2014. They are getting to know each other with good feelings.

Ilyo News reported that the top female idol group was in Japan for the recording sessions of their Japanese songs. However, only 7 members went back to Korea on 6th March 2015 as Yuri remained to stay in Osaka until 11th March. The idol cited personal reasons as the cause of her extended stay.

Seung Hwan also had his first appearance in Japan’s professional league on the 12th, sparking speculations that he and Yuri enjoyed each others’ company from 6th till 11th March. The speculations alone were not sufficient to confirm that they’re dating, but it was reported that most of the players in the professional baseball league were aware of their relationship.

The baseball player is well known to focus on his games during the season. Thus, Yuri was also reported to have stayed in Japan to provide support to him rather than go on dates.

Source: netizenbuzz

The couple has been spotted together since last November in Korea. They met each other frequently, albeit with the company of friends and acquaintances, to minimise the chances of being spotted by the reporters. TV Report stated that the couple was seen together at a restaurant in Incheon, an amusement park in Seoul, and a movie theatre in Gangnam.

An entertainment insider spotted them together when they were on a date in December. The insider said, “There were other people there other than Yuri and Oh Seung Hwan, but you could easily tell that they were a couple. It was nice to see him taking such good care of her.”



Another sports insider said, “They like each other a lot, and I’m worried excessive interest might ruin their relationship. As stars that represent the entertainment and sports worlds, I think they need quiet support so they can love each other while still doing the best in their careers more than they need excessive interest.”

Korean media outlet Dispatch also released photos of Yuri and Oh Seung Hwan, who were reportedly going on a date on 24th December 2014. According to Dispatch, Seung Hwan watched the movie “Ode to My Father” together with Yuri. He later elicited laughter from her after imitating the provincial dialect from the film. They were also spotted going on another date on 27th December 2014, after Yuri’s recording for KBS “Music Festival“.

You can check out the photos in the gallery below:

What do you think of the couple? Do they look cute together? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

Sources: soompi, allkpop, Mwave / Image Source: Dispatch

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