Local favourites Simon Lee & Alvin is proof that good music from the Malaysian front is not impossible to find.

Having diligently put records in the recent years, the DJ/producer team has proven time and time again that they’re an innovative duo that shouldn’t be overlooked. In the past, their tracks have been supported by international heavyweights such as Markus Schulz, Dash Berlin, Gareth Emery, MaRLo, JES, and Tritonal.



At heart, individually, they’re true fans and friends of trance but as Simon Lee & Alvin, they represent a multitude of genres.

And their latest single, “The Other Side (I Need You)” is an emotional progressive house record that is bound to pull at your heartstrings.

Released exclusively under Los Angeles-based record label Straight Up! Music’s Amsterdam 2015 compilation to kickstart the annual Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 2015, “The Other Side (I Need You)” tells a dramatic tale of undying love.

Straight Up! Music Amsterdam 2015

The emotional track features singer-songwriter Lokka Vox‘s beautiful voice, a gem that complements the vocal record, making it perhaps one of the most entralling tracks in Simon Lee & Alvin’s catalogue.

On how they stumbled upon Lokka Vox, Simon Lee & Alvin said, “We’ve came across Lokka’s music several times, and she has always been on our wishlist of artistes to work with. We reached out to her, shared the instrumental and our ideas for the track. Lokka is always on-the-go, so we had to work around her busy schedule. Several weeks later she sent back the first demo with her vocals and lyrics that she wrote.”

Time goes by and all I can do is think about you. How did you know that I, would give us another try? Say goodbye to your love cause I need you on the other side.

“We love what we heard, and it’s great that everything fell into place and her vocals completed the record,” they added.


“The Other Side (I Need You)” also marks their first collaborative track, put together with the help of rising Argentinian talent Franco Capraro, who has a distinct style to his music. “The track was originally built with Franco as an instrumental collab, but we thought it’d be nice to add a vocal layer to it,” Simon Lee & Alvin revealed.

Complete with a haunting breakdown and a heavy progressive drop, this record has all the makings of a club and festival favourite which can transcend to radio airplay. There’s reason enough to play Simon Lee & Alvin’s “The Other Side (I Need You)” over and over again.

Listen to it below:

The single is the 7th release for the Malaysian DJ/producer duo.

Like it? Grab it off iTunes here or Beatport here.

For more information on Simon Lee & Alvin, hit up their website or Facebook page. Alternatively, you could also stalk them via Twitter and Instagram 😉

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