CUBE Entertainment‘s latest girl group CLC is all about creating happiness through their music.

If there’s one thing that the company’s CEO has done right, it’s probably the fact that he encouraged the members to use their voices to help other people before officially debuting as a girl group. That is, of course, according to Thai member Sorn.

During their pre-debut era, the 5-member multi-national girl group held multiple small-scale charity concerts and busking sessions on the streets of Hongdae. All of the money they made from their busking projects were directly donated to the charity campaigns, allowing them to help kids with disabilities.


Having already impressed public with their talents, CLC finally made their debut in March this year with their first EP titled “First Love”. The group’s name is an initialism which stands for CrystaL Clear.

In conjunction with the release of the album, they recently made their way to Malaysia for their first overseas promotional showcase. Despite being relatively new in the Korean music scene, it’s safe to say that their popularity has been growing since the day they debuted.

CLC Seunghee in KL
CLC’s Oh Seunghee

Of course, fame doesn’t come quite easily. Together with some other media members, we had the chance to speak to CLC real quick before they went on stage for their first-ever promo showcase in Kuala Lumpur.

Get to know CLC a little better via our exclusive interview with them below:

Given the number of girl groups that have made their debut this year, has it been difficult for you all to stand out? If not, what makes CLC unique?

Seunghee: (in English) Actually, it’s very difficult. (in Korean) It’s a bit difficult to survive, but I think the one that makes us special is because before our training, we actually learnt how to play different instruments. We did busking/street performances right before our debut, so I think that’s our speciality as compared to other girl groups.

Yujin 2015
CLC’s Choi Yujin

What kind of music do you guys listen to in your spare time? Are there any particular artistes that you guys listen to?


Seunghee: I like to listen to dance pop most of the time. But when I’m taking a rest, I would listen to ballad.

Yujin: (Hesitates a little) Because there are many different kinds of music genres to choose from, I can’t specifically tell you the kind of music that I like. 

Yee Eun: (in English) I have been studying English lately. I like to listen to English pop songs, especially the ones by Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.

Sorn: I listen to every type of music in almost every language like Thai and Korean. I really wanna know what’s in trend right now, but it’s also because I wanna know what people like to listen to, so that we can make music with their favourite artistes.

Seungyeon: The kind of music I listen to really depends on my mood. When I’m happy, I listen to songs with faster beats like EDM. But when I’m a little down, I will listen to songs with softer tunes.

Seungyeon Hello
CLC’s Chang Seungyeon

A lot of idol group members have been given the chance to make solo debuts or acting debuts in upcoming dramas and movies. So, what’s next for CLC? Any plans to make solo debuts or acting debuts in the future?

Seunghee: I think we will think about that once CLC has more recognition from others.


Since Halloween is coming real soon, what kind of character would you dress up as and why?


Seungyeon: Oh! I wanna be a vampire too!

Yujin: I would like to be a zombie, like the one I watched from movies or dramas. 

Sorn: I will be a zombie with Yujin.

Seunghee: I will dress up as Homer Simpson from “The Simpsons“.

Due to time constraints, we had a rather limited time to interview the group. However, we still had fun talking to the group. Special thanks to our friends from Universal Music Malaysia (Chinese) for arranging it.

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