Everything is expensive these days, no thanks to the economic slum that our country is in. Most of us can’t even afford to splurge on a luxurious meal, let alone a luxurious holiday. This also strikes shopping, spa, and a handful of things off the “quick destress” list.

And what about clubbing?

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Clubbing can be expensive too (cover charge, drinks, etc.), which is why a lot of us only turn up whenever there’s a international DJ. But with Zouk KL’s new discounts and offers, budget partying without breaking the bank is possible!

First introduced in 2009 following the recession, Zouk’s “Value Guide” is a comprehensive directory telling partygoers how they can get more bang for their buck at the club. Which is fine by us because who doesn’t like perks anyway, right?


And just how much can one save on an outing on week nights?

For example, women, international students, and expats can save up to RM30 per person for club entry before midnight. Do the math – if fall in tha category and you have a group of 5, that’s RM150 in savings. What can you do with RM150 in savings? You can use that money to buy a round of 20 Illusion shots to share (priced at RM125). Or a round of 5 Jagerbombs (priced at RM110), if that’s your thing 🙂

Partygoers could even add more savings of up to RM90 (to a total of up to RM240) if the group purchases a bottle from its bar promo list at RM308 and RM388 (good for 6 people).

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Zouk KL’s “Value Guide” is the first of its 3-part 2015 consumer campaign. This means that there’ll be more to come in the next few weeks, because Zouk loves rewarding their loyal fans 🙂

Keep checking back with us or with Zouk KL for more details in the next couple of weeks. Don’t say we didn’t share!


For more information, visit Zouk KL’s website or Facebook page.

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