We’re only a week away from the next “Laugh Die You” installment, set to take place at the HGH Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur.

The show will feature some of the region’s favourite comics, Gurmit Singh aka Phua Chu Kang, Jonathan “Jon” Atherton, Harith Iskander, as well as Kavin Jay and Fakkah Fuzz.

(L-R)  Fadzil GB Hydra, Gurmit Singh, Harith Iskander, Erik Ong, Founder & Executive Producer, Popcorn Studio Sdn Bhd, Jon Atherton & Kavin Jay
(L-R) Fadzil GB Hydra, Gurmit Singh, Harith Iskander, Erik Ong, Founder & Executive Producer, Popcorn Studio Sdn Bhd, Jon Atherton & Kavin Jay

What, you’ve never heard of Kavin Jay and Fakkah Fuzz?


Fakkah Fuzz is one of the fastest rising talents in the Singapore comedy scene, having performed in local open mics and shows for over 5 years. He was also previously crowned the champion of Singapore’s stand-up competition, “Stand Up Singapore”, in 2012 as well as 2013.

Kavin, on the other hand, has been voted the “Grumpiest Comedian in Malaysia by far“ for declaring his love/hate relationship with life, love. and the country. His tell-it-like-it-is comedies are far from being politically correct and his intense sense of humour has tickled the ribs and charmed audience from all walks of life.

L-R: Fakkah Fuzz, Kavin Jay
L-R: Fakkah Fuzz, Kavin Jay

But don’t just take it from us, get to know the double trouble a little bit better via our exclusive interview:

Hey guys! Thanks for taking time off to do this for us. What have you guys been up to?

Kavin: Just finished the KLICfest. It has been a busy year for Malaysian comedy with 4 full blown comedy festivals. Great acts and audiences… the industry is really picking up.

Fakkah: I’ve been doing lots of shows in Singapore and Malaysia. It has been such a great year meeting new people and connecting with them with comedy. I wish my love life was half as good!

Both of you are fairly new in your respective countries’ stand-up comedy scene. What are some quirks about being a young comic where you are?

Kavin: Being a comic in Malaysia, even in Asia is great… I mean, it’s not as sex, drugs, rock and roll like in Western countries, but the audiences are great. We love to laugh at ourselves and get the intelligent humour we serve out. Best audience in my opinion.


Fakkah: Well I just turned 29 I don’t know if you consider that young. I guess many of the quirks can be observed when you watch the show this coming October!

You’re set to perform alongside some big names at the upcoming “Laugh Die You II: The Mob”. Do you feel pressured at all to do well?

Kavin: I would want to do well even if I’m performing in front of 3 people alongside the tiniest of names. As a comic, the laughter is our fuel, which we strive to get the most of. We really need the laughter. I guess performing alongside these guys will up the ante, but Jon and Harith have always been mentors and they’re also friends, so they’ll be super supportive.

Fakkah: Who doesn’t want to do well? But I’m not going to lie, it is a lot of pressure being alongside the people I idolise but I suppose regardless of the outcome I can guarantee 2 things – you’ll have a good time, and Harith Iskander is hilarious.

Fakkah Fuzz Interview
Fakkah Fuzz

Was there a time when you messed up real bad? What happened and how did you salvage the situation?

Kavin: Once I got hired to an event and after not getting a laugh for 20 minutes I retreated and the agent came up to me and asked, “I thought you’re gonna do your show in Tamil?” to which I replied “Do I look like I speak Tamil?” Apparently, the answer to that is, “Yes”.

Fakkah: I haven’t really had too much trouble I’ve always been very smart with my act. However, you do still get the occasional hecklers who try to be funny at our shows. I usually tell them to try comedy on their own since they think they’re so funny.

Do you still get nervous before you go on stage and if you do, what’s your usual pre-show routine/ritual like?

Kavin: YES! Getting nervous shows me that I am still loving the work I do… if I didn’t get nervous, it shows that I didn’t care how I will do, which shows that I’m maybe not as passionate anymore. I don’t really have a routine, but I guess I take a couple of minutes to zone out and warm up the tongue.

Fakkah: Cough, rock n roll music, puke, more rock n roll music, take a nap, then its stage time.

What can your Malaysian fans expect from your “Laugh Die You II: The Mob” set?

Kavin: That I’ll be funny? I’m going to be my grumpy self and as much as possible I’m going to play with the audience… expect it to be fun and come with low expectations for me… the rest are top class though.

Fakkah: We’re gonna perform.

Kavin Jay
Kavin Jay

Complete the following sentence: After a show, I unwind by..

Kavin: ..Eating. Food is good comfort. After burning all that adrenaline on stage, I get hungry.

Fakkah: Going to sleep. As a Malay brother I don’t know how else to unwind.

What’s worse for you – Have nobody turn up for your show or have lots of people turn up but they’re a tough crowd?

Kavin: Tough audiences have a turning point. Showing up to your show means they will give you a chance. No matter how tough an audience, with enough experience and talent, they will eventually like you… even if you fail, you will learn something new. No audience for a stand-up comic is exactly like masturbation.

Fakkah: Nobody of course! At least if you do badly people still talk about you.

Leave a shoutout for for your Malaysian fans?

Kavin: Hello the 2 guys who are my fans. If you could bring your friends this time, it’ll be great.


Thanks for the chat, Kavin and Fakkah! We’ll see you guys at the show 😉

Laugh Die You II

The double trouble will take centre stage on 1st and 2nd October at “Laugh Die You II: The Mob”! Tickets are priced at RM308 (VIP),RM258 (Gold), and RM158 (Silver), and are available only at www.vip.my.

For more information, hit up Laugh Die You’s Facebook page!

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