Hype’s Exclusive: A Quickie With The Witty Jonathan Atherton

Everyday he’s hustlin’!

Jonathan Atherton is no stranger to the entertainment industry, at least where he comes from. The mischievous comic can do just about everything from acting to stand-up, to teaching and pulling off silly accents. He’s truly gold. He even once had the opportunity to work with the late Robin Williams, making him the envy not just his industry but also the world, pretty much.



Since the day he decided to take comedy seriously, he has traveled the world, doing shows in Australia, New Guinea, London, Bangkok, New Zealand, and of course, Kuala Lumpur. In fact, he’ll be in town again soon for “Laugh Die You II: The Mob”, happening on 1st and 2nd October.

We got to speak to the witty comic prior to the show real quick. Here’s what went down:

Hey Jonathan! Thank you for taking time off your schedule to speak to us. Where are you right now and what are you currently up to?

Doing the KL International Comedy Fest!

I hear that you’ve been doing stand-up for quite a while. Do you remember the first time you experienced a stand-up comedy show and your initial thoughts about it?

First time was 1993 in Brisbane… I thought I could never be as good as the guys I saw. Within a year they were supporting me.

At which point in your life did you go, “Yes, I want to do this for a living! I’m going to pursue a career in being a stand-up comedy talent!”

Age 33… after one attempt at an open mic, I was hooked.


For a show like “Laugh Die You II”, how do you research for and plan your script to ensure that it fits the local understanding/culture?

I don’t. I just know the people of Malaysia and what they find funny.

Comic persona aside, how do you think your family and friends would best describe you as a person?


Jonathan Atherton

And how would you best describe yourself as a person?


Do you ever feel pressured to be funny all the time? Do people expect you to be funny all the time?

I can’t turn it off. I even joke during arguments with my wife.

What would you consider a good show? On the other hand, what would you consider a not-so-good show?

A good show is one that leaves the audience feeling better about themselves and life in general. A not-so-good show is shallow.

And if you ever mess up, how do you go about salvaging the situation?

You have to be flexible enough to change tack if it’s not working. That’s why I have no script.

Last but not least, leave a shoutout for all your Malaysian fans!

JOM! Laugh Die You akan sangat lucu lah!

Laugh Die You II

Watch Jonathan Atherton reduce everyone to tears and stitches from laughing come 1st and 2nd October at “Laugh Die You II: The Mob”! Tickets are priced at RM308 (VIP), RM258 (Gold), and RM158 (Silver), and are available only at www.vip.my.

For more information, hit up Laugh Die You’s Facebook page!