Hype’s Exclusive: Phua Chu Kang Dishes Out Sarcasm Where It Matters Most

The “Laugh Die You” show is set to make a comeback bigger and better than ever with “Laugh Die You II: The Mob“. As no mob scene will ever be complete without a contract killer, Phua Chu Kang (aka Gurmit Singh) will be at hand to ensure that the hit is carried out cleanly as planned.

Word on the street is that he won’t be taking any prisoners 😉

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But before he reduces us to stitches once again in Kuala Lumpur on 1st and 2nd October, we cornered the dude with a few burning questions about what to expect from “Laugh Die You II: The Mob”, amongst other things.

Just kidding, we didn’t corner him. It was all done via e-mail. Here’s what went down:

Hey Gurmit! Thanks for taking time off to speak to us. Where are you right now and what are you currently up to?

Right now, I am in front of the Mac replying this question. I am up to nothing. No tricks. Don’t believe the rumours! 🙂

You just wrapped up “Laugh Die You” part 1 recently & now you’re coming back for part 2! What was the response like the first time?

Response was very good. Like sold out good. When you get a response like that you have to do it again and again, and again.

What would you say was your best memory from “Laugh Die You” part 1?

Getting the payment. Besides that, it was the moments of sheer hilarity I shared with the participants of my games.


Now that you’re coming back for “Laugh Die You II”, how will the content be different from its predecessor?

Very different because instead of One, it will be Two. There are some differences in the theme and treatment and I will leave that to Erik to explain in detail with pie charts and Powerpoint, and a song and dance routine.

And the biggest difference between the Malaysian crowd vs. the Singaporean crowd at a stand up comedy show is?

Biggest difference is their passports.

Source: instagram.com/gurmitgurmit
Source: instagram.com/gurmitgurmit

What do you think are some of the greatest misconceptions about you? Do people always expect you to be funny all the time?

Yes, people always assume me to be funny always – and that in itself is the biggest misconception. To think that I am a one-dimensional being with no other human emotions in my DNA.

After a show like “Laugh Die You”, how do you unwind and chill out?

Go back to hotel, take a shower, and watch TV while having room service. Wait. I missed out taking clothes off to shower. There, that’s better.

What can fans expect from your “Laugh Die You II” gig? Are there any surprises in tow?

If I tell you the surprise now, then they wont be surprised. But rest assured there will be surprises because even I don’t know what they are. Diabolical!

Last but not least, leave a shout out to your fans here in Malaysia!

Hey friends, thanks for the support these years and look forward to your support for “Laugh Die You II” show. Don’t Play, Play!

Thanks Gurmit Singh for the laughs! Can’t wait to “hehe” and “haha” until we beg for mercy at the upcoming “Laugh Die You II” 😉

Tickets are priced at RM308 (VIP), RM258 (Gold), and RM158 (Silver), and are available only at www.vip.my.

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