BIGBANG is ready to meet their global fans live through V app, a real-time star broadcasting mobile application, with “Big Bang V Live” show which will be aired at 10pm every Wednesday from 2nd – 30th September.

On the same day, V app’s official version for Android will be released after its trial phase.

Naver V_Big Bang V LIVE


Global users can now enjoy more fluid communication with their favourite stars with more stabilised service. The official version for iOS is planned for mid-September.

The first “Big Bang V Live” show will be hosted by BIGBANG leader G-Dragon.

Naver V_Big Bang V LIVE_GD

In the show, titled “One Plus One Equals G-Dragon – Let’s Not Do Anything”, G-Dragon will be having live conversation with global fans in a very intimate setting.

Taeyang is preparing for the next show called “Taeyang’s I’m going now, to eat” on 9th September, where he will be actually making a visit to fans’ houses to have a meal together.

Naver V_Big Bang V LIVE_Taeyang

First launched in late July, V app has provided bigger window for global K-pop fans to meet their favourite stars, revealing their hidden personalities and abilities that were never shown on TV.

Through more stabilised service with the official launch, V app will become a global entertainment source with increasing number of celebrity lineup, including foreign stars in near future.



More about V App:

V app Broadcasting

  • Special Live – Live broadcasts of concerts, festivals and other entertainment events.
  • App Live – Self-developed content by celebrities on a variety of topics, including beauty, cooking, education and personal counselling. Users can have live chat with the stars during the show.
  • Spot Live – Sneak peek into daily life of celebrities.

Key Features

  • Star Following – Alarm service to alert users on the live-broadcasts of their favorite stars.
  • Chemi-beat – A relationship index between a celebrity and a user as beat count. The more often that users watch videos of favorite celebrity broadcasts and participate in activities on V, the higher their Chemi-beat level will climb. The higher the Chemi-beat, the higher the user’s chance to win the event that the celebrity is hosting.

You want? Download it for iOS here and for Android here.

For more information, visit V App’s website.

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