For the past few years, members of BIGBANG have been keeping their personal lives out of the limelight. Their love lives rarely saw the light of day either.

However, multiple industry officials recently broke the news that BIGBANG’s Taeyang is currently in a relationship with Korean actress Min Hyorin. It was widely speculated that they have been dating for almost 2 years!

A close friend of theirs told Yonhap News that “the 2 are in a serious relationship” while another idol stated:

As far as I know they have been dating for 2 years. They go well to gether both in appearance and personality.

The dating rumour began since September 2013. Hyorin, who starred in Taeyang’s  “눈,코,입” (Eyes, Nose, Lips)” music video, began dating Taeyang while filming the music video for his hit single, “1AM“. It was revealed that they were mainly spotted dating on Hannam-dong and SangAhm-dong in Seoul.


Hyorin was also spotted visiting the singer at the concert and most YG staff knew about their relationship.

Taeyang previously surprised everyone by sharing that he had dated someone while working on his last year’s comeback album, “RISE“. He told MC Yoo Hee Yeol in an episode of “Sketchbook” that the song “Eyes, Nose, Lips” was inspired by a recent heartbreak/breakup.

He also shared his ideal type, based on various body parts such as the eyes, nose, and lips, in reference to the title of his song. He chose “clear, bright eyes”, “low yet sharp nose”, “plump lips”, as well as a “curvy, toned body”, which led fans to assume that he was describing Min Hyorin.

Which begs the question – are they dating or are they not?

Taeyang and Min Hyorin

Apparently, YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk has confirmed the rumours via a phone call with Daily Sports. According to soompi, upon hearing the news, he laughed and congratulated Taeyang. He was also quoted as saying:

Taeyang has said until now that he’s been single his whole life. Even fans were starting to get worried. I heard through his manager that it’s true. It’s not something to worry about; it’s something to congratulate (them on), I think. Taeyang is filming “Sketchbook” right now so I couldn’t speak (with him) for specific details, but I’m happy for them..

JYP Entertainment has also given a confirmation as a representative of the agency stated to My Daily, “It’s true that Min Hyorin and Taeyang are dating.”

UPDATE (3rd June):

According to akp, an acquaintance of the couple told Ilgan Sports:

The two met due to Min Hyo Rin’s appearance on Taeyang’s “1 AM” music video. Although it was their first meeting, they filmed well even with risque skinship and kiss scenes. After the filming, they shared a meal together and their meeting began. Soon after the MV filming, they started dating. It was fast.

Also, Korean media outlet The Fact (famed for breaking news about relationships and scandals) just released a set of pictures of Taeyang and Hyorin out and about on a date in Gangnam. They’ve also included exclusive shots of Hyorin’s car parked at Taeyang’s home.

*Pictures from The Fact.

Finally, Taeyang! We’re so happy for you. Congratulations to the beautiful couple 🙂

Source: Daum via Koreaboo, kpop-map, soompi, The Fact, akp.

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