V app, a real-time star broadcasting mobile application now available in both Android and iOS versions, presents the “Girls’ Generation V Week” starting from 18th to 25th August.

V app has proved its popularity all over the world, with 610,000 downloads in 170 markets on the first day of its launch. In fact, many Malaysia K-pop lovers are already are interacting with their favorite stars and watching celebrities’ daily lives through V app.

SNSD Girls Generation Naver V


With its “App Live” program, the SNSD Girls’ Generation members will make their own broadcasts over 8 days, sharing their daily lives and individual styles with global fans.

A total of 8 broadcasts by SNSD Girls’ Generation are planned during “V Week”. The first broadcast was opened by Taeyeon, Sooyoung and Yoona at 2pm on 18th August, right after the release of their 5th official album.

Girls' Generation on V App

During the second broadcast, which aired at 8pm the same day, all 8 members – Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun – participated and showed their “Lion Heart” dance practice, preparing for their first stage.

In case you missed it:


As for the rest of the week, fans can have a peek at unseen footage of the members such as backstage scenes and close-up at stage outfits by watching “Girls’ Generation V Week” with more fun and engaging content, as well as enjoy interactive communication with the members.

On the last day, 25th August, a “Special Live” broadcast is waiting for the global fans where all 8 members will participate. Users can check out the detailed schedule of “Girls’ Generations V Week” on V app.


And that’s not all!


In addition to “Girls’ Generation V Week”, BIGBANG’s special broadcast program will also come to V app soon, where each member of the group will have their individual broadcast session.

Other hot K-pop stars will also be present, including SMTOWN, Infinite, Kara, GOT7, and Girls Day. In the future, non-Korean celebrities are also expected to offer dynamic content for their fans to enjoy.

In not so many words, it’s perhaps the most legal way for you to stalk your idols. True story!

Naver V App

More about V App:

V app Broadcasting

  • Special Live – Live broadcasts of concerts, festivals and other entertainment events.
  • App Live – Self-developed content by celebrities on a variety of topics, including beauty, cooking, education and personal counselling. Users can have live chat with the stars during the show.
  • Spot Live – Sneak peek into daily life of celebrities.

Key Features

  • Star Following – Alarm service to alert users on the live-broadcasts of their favorite stars.
  • Chemi-beat – A relationship index between a celebrity and a user as beat count. The more often that users watch videos of favorite celebrity broadcasts and participate in activities on V, the higher their Chemi-beat level will climb. The higher the Chemi-beat, the higher the user’s chance to win the event that the celebrity is hosting.

You want?

Download it for iOS here and for Android here.

For more information, visit V App’s website.

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