The thing about “Kingman: The Secret Service“, apart from its star-studded cast, is that every action sequence was choreographed to a tee. Each sequence gave us a clear look at the participants of each fight, and the most memorable sequence is, of course, the brutal fight scene that took place in a church.

The epic climactic fight sequence showed Harry Hart (played by Colin Firth), an elite super-spy who became uncontrollably violent along with everyone in an obscure hate group in Kentucky due to a signal broadcasted by the main antagonists, Valentine and Gazelle. Harry’s murderous rage caused him to single-handedly annihilate an angry mob by using everything that comes to his hand.

Kingsman Church Fight Scene


In a behind-the-scenes clip released by Yahoo, we get an exclusive look at the making of the infamous church showdown. Fight arranger Damien Walters revealed that the sequence was filmed over 7 days and it required about 20 stunt performers and nearly 100 extras.

Oscar-winner Firth also said in the video:

Nothing I learned in all this combat and slaying of people would probably help me if I got in a real situation. But it certainly might help me if I wanted to enter an expressionist dance troupe.

So, we are cheating. It was all illusion,” he added.

Take a look at how the jaw-dropping action sequence was filmed in the video below:

“Kingsman: The Secret Service” will be made available on Blu-ray and DVD on 9th June.

(Source: Yahoo)

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