You know what they say – K-Pop fans are always fiercely protective over the favourite idol/idol groups. And EXO-Ls (as EXO fans are lovingly called) are no different.

It seems that some international as well as Korean EXO-Ls have taken to Instagram to attack a new trainee who’s set to debut soon over the comments she made on EXO member Sehun’s Instagram.


On 5th June, popular Korean online community PANN wrote that Pink Lace member Dahyun commented on Sehun’s Instagram asking for his support for Pink Lace’s debut. She also expressed her eagerness to meet him and give him her group’s CD once she debuts.


Alas, her comment was spotted by EXO-Ls and needless to say, they swarmed her Instagram account and Dahyun has since received backlash for sounding like she’s an overly smitten Sehun fan.

Some even went as far as to calling her a “b*tch”, an attention-seeker, desperate, cursing her career (she hasn’t even debuted yet), and calling her a “sasaeng” fan:


A case of EXO fans taking it just a little too far? What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments box below.

Meanwhile, Pink Lace is expected to debut in September this year,

Sources: PANN, akp forum, Koreaboo.

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