And here we go again. Not long after SM Entertainment debuted their new girl group, Red Velvet, the talent agency has once again set the interwebs abuzz through a new teaser image for their new male solo artiste!

On 27th Oct, SM Entertainment revealed a new black and white teaser image of a shirtless man, captioned, “New male solo artiste from #SMTOWN”. This is nothing new for SM Entertainment as the talent agency has previously used a similar approach on revealing Henry Lau from Super Junior-M as their new male solo artiste.

SM New Male Solo Artist 2014


No further details were provided about the new male solo artiste but rumour has it that he could be one of the members from the current idol groups under SM Entertainment.

Let’s take a wild guess! Who do you think will make their debut as SM’s new male solo artiste soon? Since Henry from Super Junior-M has already made his solo debut, could it be someone from EXO or TVXQ? Or perhaps a member from SM’s upcoming boy group?


Ta-da! SM’s new male solo artiste has been revealed!

Zhoumi Rewind

Following Henry’s footsteps, Zhoumi from Super Junior-M is the next Chinese member to make his solo debut with his first mini album, “Rewind”. The album will be released online on October 31st in both Korea and China and the physical album will be available on November 3rd. According to AKP, the news comes not long after the announcement of Zhoumi joining season 4 of ‘The Show’.

Ooh we just can’t wait to listen to his new song! Are you excited for his solo debut?

UPDATE (30th October, 2014):


Well, well, what do we have here? SM Entertainment has given us a glimpse into Zhou’s first mini album “Rewind” through two music video teasers. Members of EXO, Chanyeol and Tao have participated in the album as Chanyeol was featured in the Korean version of “Rewind” while Tao was featured in the Chinese version of the same song.

“Rewind” is described as an R&B song about the desire to rewind to a time before a break up with someone. Watch the videos below:

Korean version:

Chinese version:

So, what do you think of the song? Do you like it? Let us know in the comments box below!

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