Look who’s trying to get themselves busy with the South Korean music scene again? Following Epik High‘s comeback on 21st Oct, YG Entertainment has now dropped another teaser image for their “Who’s Next” series for 11th November 2014.

The “Who’s Next” series first started in 2013, where they teased fans about their artistes’ comebacks or debuts. The first artiste that was revealed in the “Who’s Next” series is 2NE1‘s CL who made her solo debut, “The Baddest Female“. The “Who’s Next” series was then followed by other YG artistes’ comeback including Akdong Musician, Epik High, and BIGBANG‘s Taeyang.

Who's Next


With speculations revolving around the grand debut of YG’s new girl group, the new teaser image suggests that the new artiste that YG is going to reveal could be them after all!

But! We could be wrong. YG is known for giving unexpected surprises to the fans of YG artistes, especially with their “Who’s Next” series. Other fans of YG artistes are also hoping to see the return of K-Pop idol boy group, BIGBANG or YG’s baby idol, Lee Hi. There are endless possibilities about who they are going to reveal next since it was recently reported that the former “Superstar K2″ contestant, Kim Eun Bi has already left the agency due to health issues.

It was only confirmed that Kim Ji Soo and Jennie Kim will be the members of YG’s new girl group.

YG Kim Ji Soo

What do you think of the new YG’s “Who’s Next” poster? Are they referring to the debut of the YG’s new girl group or the new release of their global clothing line?


YG Entertainment has dropped yet another teaser earlier today. The date remains the same except, it appears that they’re dropping some sort of clue. In case you missed it, here:

Source: www.yg-life.com
Source: www.yg-life.com

What do you think “1+1” means? Is it a duo’s release? Could it be someone that’s totally new on the agency’s portfolio of artistes? Who are you hoping that it’ll be?


Let us know in the comments box below!


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