Packed with 12 songs, we love this album just as much as we love Ariana Grande – if not more.

She might be only 21 years old but the former TV/Broadway star has come a long and far way since Nickelodeon. In fact, that saying is especially evident in her new album, “My Everything”. Before we get into the review, yes, it’s pop. No, it’s a nowhere near as sweet as she looks. Yes, it’s so damn sexy. No, there’s nothing wrong with cashing in on the electronic dance music (EDM) gold rush.

Ariana Grande My Everything


The albums’s 2 lead singles were the work of Max Martin, the guy who spearheaded “millennial pop” starting with Britney Spears’ “Oops!….I Did It Again” and “Stronger”. With Ariana Grande, he worked on our favourite track in the album, “Problem”. 1-minute-odd intro aside, this opens the album with a bang. True, some might find her “showcase of octaves” (think, Mariah Carey) annoying but it’s complemented with ’em addictive, sexy whispers in the chorus.


And who can forget her collaboration with young but brilliant DJ/producer Zedd? Zedd’s flawless production coupled with Ariana’s voice has made “Break Free” such a stomper than it’s hard to believe that it won’t tear the dance floor somewhere in the world. In fact, one can pretty much imagine this to be used at the end of the night or when closing a festival. Did we already say that Zedd is brilliant?

EDM has never sounded this feminine but hey, at least there are that words you can sing along to, albeit shamelessly:

She then breaks the pace with much grown-up choices such as the big-room ballad, “Love Me Harder” (a collaboration between Ariana and The Weeknd) and the beautiful “My Everything”. “Love Me Harder” is interesting, to say the least, considering the fact that Ariana and The Weeknd come from different musical worlds. But just for the song, they make sense. So much sense that it’s delicious.

“My Everything”, on the other hand, ended her album on a somber note because it’s a ballad and it calls back to the album’s intro. So if you wanna listen to it on repeat, it ain’t strangely disconnected, baby. Brilliant or what? Wanna check out the rest of the album?



Ariana Grande’s “My Everything” is now available at a music store near you. Alternative, you could also buy the album off iTunes here.

For more information, visit her official website or Facebook page. She’s also on Twitter and Instagram if you want to stalk her. No pressure or anything 😉

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