10 shows, 3 Djs, 1 bus!

Photo via YouTube
Photo via YouTube

Across 2000 miles, the venues were bigger and the cities were different and the aftermovie is as wild as you expected it to be!

The 2014 edition of the Revealed North American Bus Tour may be a little more haunted than the 2013 edition but no ghost can stop Hardwell, Dyro and Dannic from having their fun! The documented video showed the artistes and crew stumbling upon an abandoned swimming pool — which coincidentally is one of the most haunted locations on earth, just before one of the first shows.


Ever since then, the whole tour seemed to be filled with weird occurrences but that didn’t stop the three DJs from putting on massive shows at every venue for whoever and whatever that was in attendance.

The 2014 Revealed North American Bus Tour was a special and memorable 10 days for the guys as their busy schedules generally don’t allow them to spend this much time together. Apart from playing video games on the bus, exploring the cities and catching up over beers, Dyro and Dannic made time to work on new music and their upcoming track “Radical” — set to drop on June 16th, is used in the aftermovie.

Check out the video below to see how crazy the 2014 Revealed North American Bus Tour was!


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