Sheila Rusly has landed herself in hot water this week over her recent post about taking good care of her dental health!

The famous actress-producer shared photos of her smiling while showing her teeth, which were layered with dental veneers. “Sis is still smiling even though we will be confined in our homes for the next 2 weeks. Is this a trial or self-interest?? @khuaisybeautecentre__,” Sheila wrote on the caption.

Source: Instagram

However, the post has in turn sparked major uproar among the public. Many argued that the veneers which the “Ketuk-Ketuk Ramadan” host was wearing are fake. Others also pointed out that Sheila had sought for treatment from an unregistered dentist.


The comments section was also flooded with netizens sharing their concerns about the use of the fake dental veneers. Many argued that the fake veneers may cause problems to the teeth and gums, which will in turn affect the wearer as well.

Source: Oh Bulan

The backlash didn’t stop there, ladies and gentlemen!

A few netizens also urged the outspoken celeb to stop promoting unlicensed beauty centres and treatment services. They pointed out that as a public figure, Sheila’s actions might put people’s health at risk. IG user @thurayaibrahim commented, “I’ll screenshot the post and lodge a report to the Ministry of Health for advertising a fake dentistry practise.”

Another social media user known as @dr.dentqurw remarked, “Hopefully you can take down the post. We at MoH have been trying to educate people to say no to fake dentist (and) help us to report them. But now, Malaysian artists are the ones who are promoting this thing 😢”

Source: Twitter

Sheila has since removed the controversial post following the massive criticism. Meanwhile, the beauty centre’s official Instagram page has been set to private mode.

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