Ray Fisher has been dismissed from acting in “The Flash” completely. Even though Warner Bros. wishes to be done with this debacle for good, Fisher still refuses to let this situation go unwrapped. He still holds the studio accountable for how he and other alleged individuals were mistreated on the set of “Justice League”‘s reshoots back in 2017.

Cyborg (also known as Victor Stone) was supposed to be something major for Fisher when he was hired by Zack Snyder to become part of the DC Extended Universe. The actor made a small appearance in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” and had a larger role in “Justice League”.

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With the Snyder cut, Cyborg will have more scenes. Fisher was supposed to have a long-term future as Cyborg in movies like “The Flash” and an originally planned “Cyborg” film. Unfortunately, due to Fisher’s disdain towards the studio, his role is scrapped.


Recently, Fisher had his eyes focus on DC Films president, Walter Hamada, who the actor has accused of attempting to defend his original co-president Geoff Johns, based on allegations of misconduct. Due to this situation, Fisher refuses to play in any DC films involving Hamada being an executive producer. Once again, Fisher has begun sharing more details regarding the beef he has with Hamada, for what is his longest Twitter statement as of now.

The actor started his statement by affirming that his appearance as Victor Stone or Cyborg has been cut from “The Flash” movie. His character was apparently going to play a very significant role that was reported previously. But because of the actor’s continuous rants and public statements against Warner Bros., the studio finally decided to rid him of the movie.

Fisher then provided new insights into Hamada’s interference with WarnerMedia’s “Justice League” investigation. This all started when the actor made accusations against director Joss Whedon of unprofessional behaviour.


Fisher wrote, “Rather than escalate the situation when initially asked, Walter disparaged Joss Whedon and Jon Berg in an attempt to cover for Geoff Johns”. The actor also mentioned when he told Walter that Geoff was a big contributor to the problems he experienced (such as blatant racism), the DC Films president then persuaded Fisher to reveal the names of witnesses and other people.

This was used as an alarm for Geoff to understand the claims being brought against him. Fisher also stated that Walter tried so hard to dismiss certain claims of the actor as false due to his experience working and being close friends with Geoff.

Fisher added, “Walter indicated that he was briefed on Joss Whedon’s problematic behavior well in advance of my speaking out on July 1st 2020”. The actor speculated that the “briefing came from Geoff Johns“, someone Walter worked with “as co-president of DC Films“. “Regardless of how he was made aware, Walter knew that there was legitimacy to my claims against Joss Whedon“, continued Fisher.

But Walter still persisted in attempting to minimise and ignore the situation at hand, by claiming that it’s a producer’s job to back up the director. Moreover, Fisher stated that Walter was looking “to move beyond” from working with Snyder’s “Justice League”.

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Apparently, Fisher stated that WarnerMedia’s investigation actually found evidence of the “racist, coercive, discriminatory, and retaliatory” behaviour of Geoff Johns. From what we understand, DC wasn’t going to cut their long decade bond with Johns sooner or later. But for the actor himself, he has finally had enough with Hamada. Fisher will feel relieved once he leaves the role of Cyborg and he can finally move on.

Fisher still kept his stance, that Hamada is “unfit” to be a leader. Moreover, he is still willing to submit a polygraph test to support his claims against him. The actor doesn’t know the number of times Walter had refused to acknowledge his workplace abuse as a cover-up for his past deeds. To Fisher, the investigation on “Justice League” will hopefully be the last of it.

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Warner Bros’ deciding to remove Fisher alongside his character Cyborg from “The Flash” is not even remotely surprising due to recent events. While the actor stated that he would avoid working with Hamada, Warner Bros. Studios still intends to keep Hamada and lead the DCEU. No matter how many times Fisher tries to take down Hamada, the major studio will continue to back him up for now.

Now the question is, who is gonna replace Fisher as Cyborg? Will the franchise just kill him off without any detailed explanation or reasoning?

Fisher will make his final appearance as Victor Stone and his hero counterpart Cyborg in the upcoming Snyder cut of the “Justice League” film, which will premiere sometime around March 2021.

Sources: Superhero Hype, Screen Rant.

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