Online shopping has seen a surge since the Covid-19 outbreak. As such, many transactions are done on the internet instead of face-to-face.

According to Mothership Singapore, 24 influencers recently took to The Sleeping Beauties online shop to sell their pre-loved pillows.

Source: The Sleeping Beauties via Mothership

Interestingly, the price tag for these pillows are quite random and not based on a set of quality control. As pointed out by the publication, there is no knowing whether the price is based on the influencer’s following on social media or the number of likes she has garnered over time.


The cheapest on the list starts from S$20 (~RM60) and it goes all the way up to S$200 (~RM600). The only available buttons are “Add To Cart” and “Buy Now”, so customers can’t exactly request an autograph or enquire proof of use (or the duration the influencer had it).

Here are a few examples:

Pillows Pillows

Some of the response online reads:

  • Your chou chou you let go!?!?!?
  • These influencers know there are stupid people out there that will buy this shit. Influencers are also full of shit for selling this.”
  • Simp alert! Might as well sell their used undies, lower cost and cheaper shipping. Some people sometimes only half smart.”
  • Let’s all pretend Covid-19 risks doesn’t exist as well too!
  • Stop calling them influences. What they influence? To dress up like a whore and sell pillows?

Sources: Mothership, SINK.

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