Uh-oh, BTOB member Ilhoon (정일훈) has come under fire this week over the suspicion of habitual drug use!

The shocking news came after South Korean TV network Channel A claimed that the 26-year-old idol was brought in on drug charges for allegedly smoking marijuana.

Source: Channel A

According to Channel A, the police have found traces of drugs detected through a hair sample test. In addition, they have also secured evidence that Ilhoon purchased the drugs using cryptocurrency (digital currency based on a cryptographic system). The case involving the “She’s Gone” singer has been sent to prosecution earlier in July.


“The authorities have secured evidence that Ilhoon purchased the marijuana not with cash, but with crypto-currency in an attempt to avoid any investigation. There is more controversy surrounding this since he joined the military during his investigation,” the media outlet dished.

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Initially, BTOB’s home label Cube Entertainment informed Channel A that they weren’t aware about the news involving Ilhoon. They stated, “Although his military enlistment had been set for March, it was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Cube later released a statement that reads, “Hello, this is Cube Entertainment. We checked with Ilhoon himself regarding the news that came out today. It is confirmed that he has been summoned by the investigative agency and is under investigation for suspicions of smoking marijuana, as stated by the reports.”

They added, “We feel a deep sense of responsibility for having caused worry to so many people. We will do everything that is required of us so that he can faithfully comply with the ongoing investigation. We apologise for causing concern among the public.”

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Ilhoon is currently serving in the army, and is expected to be discharged on 22nd February 2022.

Sources: Koreaboo, Soompi.

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