It appears that marriage is out of the picture for Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) for the time being.

The hot mama shared that she has no plans on getting married again following the passing of her husband, the late Ashraf Sinclair, back in February this year.

Source: YouTube

In a video posted by Indonesian songstress, Maia Estianty, on her YouTube channel recently, BCL was asked on whether she’ll consider tying the knot again in the future. She briefly responded, “Up until now? Not yet.”


According to the “Sunny” singer, it was too difficult for her to accept the fact that her husband is no longer around. BCL also stated that it took more than six months for her to completely regain her spirit and resume her singing career.

“I cried a lot since I started my self-rehabilitation therapy. It took me five to six months to recover but I felt myself functioning again after that. Only then was I strong enough to resume my normal routine, including work,” BCL was quoted as saying.

Source: The Star

“A few days after Ashraf passed away, I returned to singing, then I came back as a resident judge for ‘Indonesian Idol’. I continued singing for the next ten days, and I felt like a robot,” the superstar explained. It was as if she had lost her soul in the aftermath of the tragic event.

Having said that, BCL is thankful that time has been a healer. “The first and most important thing right now is to be able to keep breathing. If you can breathe, you will be able to talk, then you can meet people,” she told her celebrity friends.

For those interested, check out the artistes’ full conversation here:

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