Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) found herself in hot water after she performed the Covid-19 swab test on her own. She even did so without the assistance of a medical staff!

Previously, the wife of deceased actor Ashraf Sinclair stated that those who want to meet her has to undergo a screening test, personally carried out by herself.

Source: IG Story via mStar

BCL was seen inserting a swab test device similar to a cotton bud, into another celeb, Vidi Aldiano’s nose. “It hurts so much, I swear! That was the most painful screening test that I’ve ever went through,” the celeb remarked on his Instagram Story.


In shedding some light on the controversy, Covid-19 volunteer Dr. Muhammad Fajri Adda’i told Okezone that the singer doesn’t have the qualifications as a health worker to conduct the procedure by herself. Apart from that, he also explained that the swab test should be performed with caution to prevent any injury.

Source: Tribun News

“There’s a part in the nose called the concha media. If we just carry out the procedure arbitrarily, it may cause bleeding and infection. There’s also a term called the vagal reflex. It may be triggered when the oesophagus is touched,” the health official told the portal.

Fajri also explained that the infection might occur as the person doesn’t understand the correct way to conduct a screening test. He further emphasised that it is dangerous for a person to perform the task if they are not accompanied by an expert in the field.

Source: The Jakarta Post

As Dr. Fajri suggests, it is probably best to seek for professional help when it comes to these sort of swab tests.

Source: Okezone.

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