Ameera Khan has received another round of criticism this week, and it’s all thanks to her recent Instagram update. What’s the tea this time?

The 20-year-old influencer was pictured striking off her pose in a nude-coloured dress. At first glance, many (including us) thought that Ameera was posing nude in front of the camera!

Source: @littlemisskhan

For those curious, the photo was taken back when Ameera became an ambassador for a local hair product brand, Fa Faa. “In all the right places. Congratulations my babies @juuu.ko and @codychua,” she captioned her post.


The comments section was flooded with tons of reactions left by social media users. Most of them were utterly shocked, thinking that Ameera had bared it all for the shoot. Apart from that, others also started to compare her shocking appearance to her elder sister, Neelofa‘s recent conservative look.

One particular comment that stood out, though, came from this IG user known as @tomato_mei who joked on how her religious future brother-in-law would react upon seeing the photo. A few fans of the fashionista also expressed their hopes that she will dress more appropriately in the future.

Take a look at the comments below:

Source: IG

Ameera has since removed the controversial post from her IG feed, after facing tons of backlash from local netizens.

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