It was recently reported that Perak continues to excel as the state with the most number of livestock pigs in the country.

According to the Selected Agricultural Indicators 2020 by Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM), the state managed to raise a total of 545,258 commercial pigs in the year 2019.

Source: LiveEatPC

Based on the statistics, Perak leads the line with more than 100,000 difference in the number of livestock pigs over Sarawak – who came in second with 427,037 number of pigs. The list continues with Penang (320,165), Selangor (265,847), Johor (262,178), and Sabah (84,055).


On the other side of the list, Kelantan recorded the lowest number of pigs farmed (84), followed by Negeri Sembilan (629) and Kedah (1,911). However, all three federal territories in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Labuan, Putrajaya) registered no numbers of livestock pigs, along with Terengganu and Perlis.

The statistics have also been shared by Perak-focused Twitter account, “Perak Power”, which congratulated the people of the state for farming the highest number of livestock pigs. They captioned the post, “Congratulations to the People of Perak. We are the No. 1 Pig Breeder in Malaysia.”

Nevertheless, the post received a lot of comments and some hilarious reactions from the netizens questioning other state’s position. Some even took the opportunity to poke fun at other issues, referring to certain groups of people as “pigs”.

Check out their reactions below:


Speaking of pigs and swines, a wild boar was caught roaming inside Alamanda Shopping Complex recently. Read about it here.

Source: Utusan.

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